Hong Kong

Fiscal benefits:

Hong Kong offshore companies offer their owners a completely tax-free system on profits, and that is why these companies are exempt from paying VAT or Corporate Tax. Therefore, 100% of the income is exclusively for the company and the owner of the company.


There is an obligation to present accounting books, but the accounts are not publicly accessible.


All company management positions are listed in the commercial register, which is available for public consultation. We can designate nominee charges to prevent the client’s name from appearing.

Political stability:

Another of Hong Kong’s great advantages over other jurisdictions is political and judicial stability, so we will not be surprised by this over time. Hong Kong is considered as the second best bureaucracy in Asia.

Trust image:

Hong Kong is home to thousands of the world’s most prestigious companies, which has contributed to its reputation as a trusted global business location.

On the other hand, this jurisdiction is committed to the international standard of information and taxation, which offers a reliable image. Therefore, there is a positive view of most of the offshore companies hosted in Hong Kong.

Agile management:

The legal obligations of companies and their administrators are few, which contributes to a great agility in their management. Accounting requirements do exist for companies located in this tax haven, but these costs are included in our services.

Other benefits:

If you want to keep your business safe and secure from future claims such as creditors, bankruptcy and other litigation, the formation of an offshore company in Hong Kong will be your best asset.

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