Crear empresa offshore en Seychelles

Acerca de Seychelles

Seychelles is located northeast of Madagascar and consists of 115 islands. The largest island is the island of Mahé, and is the location of its capital, Victoria.

Seychelles is not dependent on Britain or the British Crown, nor is it dependent on an EU Member State. This means that it has more freedom to set its own standards.

In December 1994, Seychelles legislation authorized the establishment of International Business Companies, International Trusts and company in the free zone. More recent legislation also authorizes the establishment of offshore banks, offshore insurance companies, investment funds.

Crear empresa offshore en Seychelles

Fiscal benefits:

Companies registered in Seychelles have great tax benefits, being exempt from any kind of taxation and withholding taxes.


ompanies registered in these islands do not have to present any type of annual accounting, but since a reform of the Law of 2016 the company must store all the supporting documents and documents that allow the preparation of accounting reports.


Confidentiality is ensured as there is no public record of the positions and managers of the company.

Stable jurisdiction:

The Seychelles enjoy a well-known and stable jurisdiction.

Efficient administration:

The administration in these islands is very efficient, counting on a very fast and effective Registry. The incorporation of a company is usually done within 24 hours of your request.