Fiscal benefits:

Offshore companies in Singapore offer their owners a very advantageous tax system. In Singapore there is a corporate tax which is at 17%, but this tax is applied only to the income coming from the country, but not to the income coming from abroad.

There is no tax payment for the company’s dividends to its partners.


The names of the directors and shareholders appear in the Public Registry. One of the directors must be resident in Singapore. There is a possibility of appointing ‘nominee’ charges to prevent the client’s name from appearing.

Political stability:

The political situation in Singapore is characterized by its high stability. There is only one ruling party and a barely existing opposition, which has allowed the government to focus on its international agreements, both political and commercial.

Trust image:

Thanks to a very stable and liberal jurisdiction, Singapore offers an excellent reputation. It is also for this reason that this country has an important financial center.

A bank with attractive services:

Singapore offshore companies have a large number of prestigious local and foreign banks at their disposal. In addition, these banks offer attractive services such as the opening of multi-currency accounts, online banking, credit cards, trade financing or the freedom of movement of funds between countries.

Agile administration:

The legal obligations of companies and their administrators are few, which contributes to a great agility in their management. Yes, there are accounting requirements for companies hosted in this tax haven, but those costs are included within our services.

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