Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Fiscal benefits:

Companies created in the United Arab Emirates and specifically in Dubai are completely exempt from paying taxes of any kind. Therefore, in case of creating our company in Dubai we will not have obligation of taxation by VAT or Corporate Tax.


Another advantage of creating an offshore company in Dubai is that there is no need to submit accounting reports, which will give us great flexibility when operating with our company.


The confidentiality of your data is guaranteed since there is no public register of the administrators and shareholders of the company, although it is mandatory that the details of its structure are registered and updated with RAK ICC.

Political stability:

Another of the great advantages of the UAE is its great political, macroeconomic and financial stability. It is therefore a completely safe country to open a bank account in the name of your company.

Trust image:

The United Arab Emirates, and specifically Dubai, has a great reputation, not being considered as a tax haven at present.

Other benefits:

Offshore companies in Dubai have undeniable tax benefits, but also if they are created in a free zone we will have additional benefits. Among the main benefits are the ability to obtain residence in the UAE and avoid double taxation agreements.

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