Crear empresa offshore en Delaware

Ventajas de Delaware

Fiscal benefits:

Companies registered in Delaware are completely exempt from any payment of taxes or other types of encumbrances.


Offshore companies registered in this American state do not have to present any kind of accounting or make any report to the competent authorities.


There is no public record of the positions and directors of offshore companies registered in this state.

Stable jurisdiction:

Delaware, as a state of the United States has a very stable and well known jurisdiction.

Efficient administration:

The administration is very efficient, and that is why registering a company in this state is usually around 48 hours.

Acerca de Delaware

Delaware is part of one of the 50 states of the United States. The most populated city is Wilmington, while the capital is Dover. Delaware is located next to Philadelphia, New Jersey and Washington.

Throughout the last years this state has consolidated as the main offshore destination of the United States, thanks to which many non-resident foreigners will be able to enjoy great tax advantages.

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